I've been going to Mark often and on for several years. Recently I brought in my 11 year old grandson who has been wanting to have a massage for some time. He LOVED it. He felt so relaxed and loose. So did I!! I spent my hour with Mark and he paid attention to what I needed and helped with a...

Truly, this was one of the best--if not, THE best, massages I've ever experienced. Mark was empathetic, easygoing, and extremely skilled at what he does--stress relief and muscle relief. I am definitely returning to Deep Roots. -J.D.

Cassie did an awesome job! I would highly recommend her to anyone...she even loosened up problem areas that other professionals never could. If you are pregnant, definitely go see her! -R.D.

Mark is very good at relieving tension in jaw as a result of TMJ. He provided me some techniques to try out as well if tension is bothering me. Also, some stretching exercises for relieving potential CTS. Highly recommended! Feeling relaxed and without tension finally! Love it! -H.H.

I felt very comfortable during this massage. My relaxation and comfort was number 1. My pain has significantly reduced after just one session and I plan on going back. I was also given tips to do at home to reduce my tension which was very helpful. -H.D.

I had a massage with Mark yesterday and it was terrific. I was so relaxed for the rest of the day and the work he could do to help with my TMJ was amazing! Thanks Mark. -K.W.

As always a great massage, and now, a beautiful new office space that is wonderful! Mark, keep on doing what you are doing...pure quality. -G.O.

This is my fourth massage with Mark and his ability with deep tissue and trigger point techniques is just amazing! My body forgot all about it's arthritic issues and the results gave me more mobility. -A.D.

When I first went to Mark in June, I was looking for some relief to my lower back and hip pain, emphasis on some. What I have gotten is almost total relief of the pain. I am able to walk without my customary hobble and limp. I have been able to get back on my treadmill again. While I know my...

My daughter knew I was in a lot of pain with muscle spasms in my upper back. She quickly made an appointment with Mark the following morning online! Within minutes I felt relief! Deep Roots is very professional but at the same time you feel very much at home. Totally satisfied and feeling much...